Afton Community Day unifies unique individuals within a culture of care driven to preserve human dignity and the diversity of life. Our Afton Vision is to provide Medical Care, Social Care, and Community Building for individuals within our community.


Our caring, skilled and experienced staff has the background to be able to meet your family where you’re at in your specific journey with your family member. Whether you’re going through dementia, early on-set Alzheimer’s, or any other challenge with an older parent, we create a customized solution that offers your loved one the specialized care they need. Our Medical Care services include:
  • Nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Case management services 
  • Assistance with activities of daily living 
  • Daily nursing clinic with ongoing contact with physicians and caregivers
  • CPR certified staff
  • Dietary consultation


The interior of our facility contains a visual entertainment space, a partitioned quiet space, and a large multi-purpose common area, which can be utilized for an array of experiential activities. Based on emerging research, which has shown enhanced developmental well-being for seniors and children who inhabit the same space within the context of managed social integration programming, Afton aspires to offer daycare services to pre and school-aged children. Intergenerational care is a transformative concept, which is set to revolutionize the universe of third-party personal care services. Afton Community Day wants to be the first to pioneer this model for Kentucky.

Our Afton personal care home contains 40 residential units that are equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom. Residents will be ambulatory and not require full time nursing care. The decor of living spaces are capable of being customized to suit the preferences of individual residents. Afton’s Social Care services include:

  • Meals prepared to personal needs, tastes and cultural or religious preferences under nutritionist’s supervision
  • Beauty salon
  • Arts and crafts and music therapy
  • Recreational programs: daily exercise and cognitively challenging games and activities
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Library and computer access
  • ESL and citizenship classes
  • Respite for community caregivers
  • Social work assistance
  • Shower and laundry facilities


We have installed small scale gardening beds on our center’s lawn with the aspiration of building an adjoining greenhouse to allow for recreational gardening during cold weather months.  In the spring of 2019, the garden beds will be replaced with a full scale community garden which will allow for ornamental, vegetable, and fruit gardening. The objective is to create a garden spot, which will shine out to the surrounding community and be accessible to our residents and community neighbors. For this space, we have chosen the name Afton Garden. The purpose of Afton Garden is to serve as a model for the creation of purpose-driven senior living in a community environment that will aim to prolong the pursuit of happiness for our residents. Delivering outdoor experiences for attendees within Afton’s garden spaces and surrounding lawn is integral to our mission of preserving human dignity and the enjoyment of life.  

If you or your loved one stay home and need assistance, supervision, or reminders, and you are looking for a comprehensive program, Afton Community Day is the right place for you. At Afton, we promise you:

  • Reliability– dependable, compassionate care
  • Affordable Care– in a safe, innovative setting
  • Companionship– seniors build meaningful friendships while promoting emotional well-being
  • Attentive Staff– bilingual to accommodate your cultural needs

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